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This request is being submitted with the knowledge and consent of named parents/legal guardians. Have parents provided implied consent to information collection as per ErinoakKids Privacy Policy available at:

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Services are provided for children with Physical or Developmental Disabilities, impairments with Communication, Hearing or Vision. Family must live in the catchment area of service.

Please visit our website at for detailed eligibility criteria and questionnaires where indicated.

Please be certain to check criteria for referral to ADRS on the website. If client does not meet eligibility criteria, please refer to community services (i.e. Preschool speech and language services, school board, etc.) If client is picked up for service and they do not meet eligibility criteria, they will be discharged from ADRS. They may be rereferred for service up until their 18th birthday.

Note: If technology is only needed at school, please follow up with your school for service options (e.g. Special Education Resources, School Health Support Services).


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Required only for Medical Services or OHIP Pediatric Physiotherapy Clinic

Please fax any supporting attachments to 905-855-9451 i.e. reports, test/results, medical investigations, questionnaires, etc.)

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